Aman Khullar

Inquisitive, amiable and hardworking are some adjectives used for me by the people who know me. I am Aman Khullar, a senior undergraduate student at the Netaji Subhas University of Technology(Formerly known as NSIT). I am majoring in the field of Information Technology.

I am currently working in the field of Natural Language Processing as a research intern at IIIT Delhi under the guidance of Dr. Tanmoy Chakraborty and have previously worked with RBS . I love learning new things and ardently believe that we can make this world a better place with conscientious effort. When I am not working I am constantly exploring the answers to Life, Universe and Everything!

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I am interested in the fields of natural language processing, algorithmic game theory, machine learning and design and analysis of algorithms. My work usually revolves around the application of computer science in real world problems and the motivation to create an end to end product for social good. I also love astronomy and have worked on it during my undergraduate studies. I have further highlighted some of the projects that I have taken up during my undergraduate studies and would love to help anyone who is interested to know more about these projects.

Allow me to answer : Machine Comprehension with Bi-Directional Attention Flow
Aman Khullar

The model combines the idea of Bi-Directional Attention Flow (BiDAF) network along with high performing bidirectional Gated Recurrent Units.

Interaction of Game Theory and Machine Learning in a Connected World.
Aman Khullar

The purpose of this project is three fold:

  1. Description and analysis of basic as well as advanced solution concepts of game theory.
  2. Theoretical explanation and practical implementation of machine learning algorithms on open source datasets.
  3. Interaction of the two fields and their application in state of the art research.


I will start writing technical blogs as well as blogs related to college and internship experiences.

This website has been inspired by Jon Barron.